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Reviews for "CopterCrasher"

Really great game!!

I really like how the game is addictive, yet very easy to master (I am after all a master-crasher). I managed to destroy 128 copters, placing somewhere in the 40s in the rankings. I like the title screen, very unique. You don't click Play, you fly over to it - very cool.

Great job!!

Maccomo responds:

thanks for the review m8.

im Teh B3st

144 1st try. i was 1st place when i submitted. great game, but would get boring after a bit

Maccomo responds:

thanks for the good score, but please tell me a bit more of what I could improve and why it would get boring etc...

Fun gaming engine

What caught my eye was how unique the loading screen was.
It's not like anything I've ever seen before, and for that I have to give you credit.

This is a great arcade game that you should be proud of, especially of how easy it is

to learn the controls and a basic objective-crash all other helicopters.
Though, I think there is room for improvement, like how all the other helicopters are the same model and color. If you make another, make a choice of what type and color helicopter the player can be. Trust me, It helps out a lot :)

Sorry to say though, it reminds me of indestructo Tank.
overall, 9/10
Awesome Score

Maccomo responds:

Thank you for that nice review :)

Good start, but could be much more.

I like this one- the controls couldn't be easier, there isn't any lag like I would normally expect with so many entities on screen, and who doesn't like blowing things up?- but as it is, the replay value is pretty minimal, since you are basically just bouncing around the screen looking for copters to hit. I would suggest adding a little variety- more varieties of copters to blow up, some obstacles that can blow your own copter up, power-ups (more fuel, larger copter, things like that), and maybe some terrain other than empty sky. It's a very good start though.

Maccomo responds:

You are totally right. Thanks for the great review.

is not good man

it's an interesting Idea but is bad the game... is so boring crashing helicopters like that... anyway, try to do something better
I didn't like the fact that there's no another objective that smash helicopters just like this... and at least 'u could another kind of helicopters

Maccomo responds:

Make a flash game yourself and let me review it. try to do something better? So please give me suggestions what I could do better. Didnt you read the review guidelines?