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Reviews for "CopterCrasher"


Very funny! i loved it.Very addicting and very fun.Good job!...Highest for nnow was 102. W00T!

Maccomo responds:

Addicting sounds good, thanks for the review.


i got Ranked 138th. great game, make some more.

Maccomo responds:

If it were so easy... :)

Mindless Destruction...

The copters go BOOM as they hit each other...

But you need to work more on the chain reaction aspect, make the explosions bigger?
Put a special rare nuclear heli which when hit into another heli makes a huge blast?

You have a lot of things you could do with this game, keep adding to it!

Maccomo responds:

Yeah Mindless Destruction, that's my motto :)

aight :D

Hell yeah, this is fun :D
Has lots of potential too.
U can like make level's with not only air, but land etc.
And add some weaponzors? :O
Keep it up!

Maccomo responds:

thanks for the review. yeah I could add a bit more too it like upgrades etc...

Got old, really fast.

While it was fun at first, it got really repetitive quite quickly (as it has no variation), and my only reason to continue playing was to see my final score. After I found out what that was, I stopped playing. One of the things that bothered me most was that towards the end game you spend more time hunting to helicopters than hitting them.

Maccomo responds:

More time hunting than hitting...yeah I guess. Maybe a radar could change that?