Reviews for "CopterCrasher"

Pretty buggy!

Strange game... pretty additive. But cant say I like it much. Plus there is much work to be done, for example every time I finish the game, my flash debugger gives me such mistakes as:

ArgumentError: Error #1063: Argument count mismatch on Eheli$iinit(). Expected 3, got 0.
at flash.display::Sprite/flash.display:S prite::constructChildren()
at flash.display::Sprite$iinit()
at flash.display::MovieClip$iinit()

Maccomo responds:

ugh...thanks for telling me, that happens to the ones that dont have the latest flash player I think.

what? I dont' belive this!

I reviewd nearly the EXACT SAME GAME a little while ago, only you called it "DestrucoChopper" which revealed how blatantly you took this idea from Indestruco Tank. In terms of gameplay and goals it is a complete rip-off of that good game, only you've made it a helictopter. The game HAS improved since I last played it whcih is good. But you re-named it and now everyone thinks its an original? bah! This game deserves maybe a green highlight, but not a blue highlight. Blue highlights should be for games that have been worked on around-the-clock to make sure they are unique and offer good graphics and awe-inspiring gameplay. THis game offers non of those and was rather simple to make if you know your way around AS. (I don't know my way around AS but I have used different programming languages and know that such a game would not be too difficult to make)

Maccomo responds:

I changed a lot, this is almost a new game. And I dont see any rip off of indestructoTank, maybe the fuel that runs out? You could at least tell me what is similar? Blue Highlight is because this is newgrounds. This game will not do so well on other sites, newgrounders like these sort of games...And if you think this was simple to make then think again.

Humans and their tens...

Why does everybody give 10s out to every other flash!?

No offense, this game was addictive fun, but worthy of a perfect score? I think not.

Concept 4/5: Pretty original, a good idea.

Graphix 2/5: Meh, nothing special. I know this isn't really a game that needs great visuals, but the explosions were a bit disappointing. I would have LOVED some flame effects and better, bigger explosions for chain reactions.

Sound 3/5: Again, the chain reactions could have used a little more "KABOOM !!"

Controls 3/5: Nothing wrong here, sometimes just seemed a little too loose. But, hey, it's a helicopter.

Entertainment 4.5/5: This game is very, very fun and addictive. Great time waster.

Overall, this was a wildly fun game that lacked detail and got repetitive. Still really cool, though. Add some more specialness for chain reactions, and some more detailed graphics would be sweet. Also, maybe some powerups, different helicopters to hit and pilot, and more interesting environments.

Pretty good game with room for improvement. Nice job, I hope you make another one.

Maccomo responds:

Thanks alot for this great review. I really appreciate such reviews.

Not bad but a little more

Maybe you can make the helicoperts to have guns on them.

Maccomo responds:

Jup, they will have if I make a second one.

Rank 128

And I'm a master-crasher!

Maccomo responds:

Thanks for the good score, but I am not really interested what you are, more what my game is like.