Reviews for "Madness Mayhem"


It was awesome.
Worthy of Krinkels for sure.
Good job, hope to see more.
But you might want to put in some more Jebus, didn't see him too much.
5/5 10/10


The AK Couldive Had A Longer Barrel But It Was Narlly

Thing I Liked About This Flash

1. Wimbleton kicked ass
2. the Sherrif finally died, woot!
3. the flash overall was epic

Things I Didnt Like

1. you ended it too early when god appeared =(

Other Comments

curse cliff hangers that are timed that well, oh well 10/10, 5/5

Sunshaft responds:


Prety good

It is a great Madness flash.I wish I could see those 5 missing scenes.Any ways this flash was a little bit slow at the beginning and I wanted to know why.The end didn't make sense to me. Did Hank die or not. Other than that, I loved the way you designed the guns and other weapons. The backgrounds were also good. All and all I give it an 8,


Cranio how could you not get the ending it was probably savior using the comp as a healing thing