Reviews for "Madness Mayhem"

pretty good.

It is a great Madness flash.I wish I could see those 5 missing scenes.Any ways this flash was a little bit slow at the beginning and I wanted to know why.The end didn't make sense to me. Did Hank die or not. Other than that, I loved the way you designed the guns and other weapons. The backgrounds were also good. All and all I give it an 8

Not Too Shabby

i Agree With The Guy Who Stated the Mass Pollution of Madness,
But This Was Good, Nice Effect, Pretty BA Action.. Good Stuff You Got Here.
Keep Up the Good Work.

nice but !!!!

is their going to be a 2nd part? I would love to know

wats up with that?

wats up with everyone doing maddness animations at the moment?
its good but anoying!
gr8 effects and stuff but i thought the movment was a bit slow.....
but its still awsome!


Great work but some of the storyline, mainly near the end was a bit strange and creepy. But do another I liek it ^^