Reviews for "Madness Mayhem"

Not bad. Not great, but not bad.

This flash really didn't start " going anywhere" for me until the end. Everything else was pretty ho-hum. My main sticking points were the speed and sound. VERY slow moving, and there wasn't any sense of impact when someone took a punch or a gun through the skull. Need to throw some sound effects on that. I liked the ending though. Seemed a lot more polished than the rest of your submission. Though with so many different "takes" on Madness to slog through here on NewGrounds the gag is getting as thin as those godawful " Hitler getz teh Pokemons" shorts that were excreted here. This is definitely one of the better ones though so you got a 7.


yay your as good as krinkels now!!!

You improved during the movie.

The beginning was a bit slow, then it picked up a lot and your work became smoother, then the ending with the weird world was pretty damn good.
Well done.

A few problems...

The first would be the graphics of the weapons - they have imaging that makes then look like they're from a paper mario game. Secondly, when hank is shot in the head, there are random spurts of blood that continually spray from the position at where his head was when he was standing. The animations also seemed to move very slowly. Finally, the ending made relatively little sense and immediately went back to the menu after hank was shot offscreene by jesus. If you could explain the ending in a return comment to my review, I'd be greatly appretiative.

Although the flash has these four problems, I greatly enjoyed the movie itself. I especially like the effects on screen when hank tries shooting the sherrif with the shot gun. Very well done. Hoping your next animation is as good if not better.

pretty good.

It is a great Madness flash.I wish I could see those 5 missing scenes.Any ways this flash was a little bit slow at the beginning and I wanted to know why.The end didn't make sense to me. Did Hank die or not. Other than that, I loved the way you designed the guns and other weapons. The backgrounds were also good. All and all I give it an 8