Reviews for "Madness Mayhem"


That was almost better than maddness!!!! You are such a good flashman!!!! You just got a fan another fan!!!!!! that was AWESOME!!!!!!

Sunshaft responds:

See my profile, and see the news.


EN: good movie,especially ripping sheriff's eyeball,only the texts with a few mistakes while Hank was in the elevator.
CZ/SK: neni to spatny,az na ty texty s par chybama a dlouhou jizdu vytahem.

Sunshaft responds:

I had lot of mistakes in there I know...
But I had error in my flash - I couldn't export movie...
Mystakes in that movie were fixed, elevator scene was much better, and there were 4 more scenes...
I sended to zoroo swf some time ago, so he sended it to me back and I flushed it here so It have got lot of mistakes there I know.


dobre video, skoda koniec sa mi moc nepaci


The AK Couldive Had A Longer Barrel But It Was Narlly

Pretty good

There wasn't a story and the graphics were alright. The physics though weren't very good. At one part he killed somebody by gently tapping them with the end of his rifle. Mediocre at best.