Reviews for "Madness Mayhem"

Thing I Liked About This Flash

1. Wimbleton kicked ass
2. the Sherrif finally died, woot!
3. the flash overall was epic

Things I Didnt Like

1. you ended it too early when god appeared =(

Other Comments

curse cliff hangers that are timed that well, oh well 10/10, 5/5

Sunshaft responds:



That's all i have to say..................................
..........besides this..............I snort dust

Sunshaft responds:



That was epic, you need to finish in before madness day 08.

Movies like this need to be seen by the eyes of madness fans everywhere.

vote 5/5
Rating 10/10

Sunshaft responds:

I finished it yet, but I got error... I can t export swf...
I got 4 more scenes...
Now I m makink epic movie(madness too)
It s taking to have a work on it,so it will come out on madness day 09
_ThX_ for good review...


but didn't make much sense like where the fuck did hank go?

Sunshaft responds:

Yea to the hell yup

not to bad

I liked it.
Nice and smooth animation, despite the odd tween here and there.
I think that it couldve been faster though, and if it was it wouldve gotten a higher score.
Try to avoid using tweens as much as you can.
In an animation im working on, there are probably a few tweens, but they only last for half a second and are only for things like walking off the scene.
Using tweens for moving the actaul body should only be used in things like slow motion.
Otherwise, i thought it was pretty smooth and well done.
Nice and solid.
Keep up the good work :)


Sunshaft responds:

Thanx a loL yeah