Reviews for "Madness Mayhem"


slywolf you probably closed the window when it went black but hes in a prison cell after that and wacky shit happens.


Cranio how could you not get the ending it was probably savior using the comp as a healing thing

Prety good

It is a great Madness flash.I wish I could see those 5 missing scenes.Any ways this flash was a little bit slow at the beginning and I wanted to know why.The end didn't make sense to me. Did Hank die or not. Other than that, I loved the way you designed the guns and other weapons. The backgrounds were also good. All and all I give it an 8,

I just wanted to say...

...This is pretty nice but i hate that i watch this in high quiality (scene after scene)
it changes to low or medium.
I like the flash and whens the next one coming out?

10/10 5/5

Sunshaft responds:

I think on MD will be collab....
ps: sometimes it s creepy




Dude, you are awesome!
I woner how you didn't got noticed..

Still, the flash ended too early.

Sunshaft responds: