Reviews for "Mini Games 2"

A pretty good game.

It seemed like you suspected it....

When you play the DK game, there is a glitch where you can get stuck in the wall, but still move. When you move far enough (aka out of the level box) There is a platform that just ends at a point......
Where you suspecting the glitch?

good improvement

Very good game, I liked the Donkey Kong one and the Diving one was kind of fun. The tennis ball one was my least favorite, definitely. This was a huge improvement over Mini Games 1, though! Great job, there was good and smooth gameplay most of the time.

Good collection

I liked the games inside the flash, but i found a bug.

If a guy enters one of the modes (1 or 2 players) and then its the back button, the 1 player button and the 2 player button stop working

that was pretty kool....good job

that was fun and u had control over evry thing no idea wat that guy was talking bout but keep up the good work,