Reviews for "Mini Games 2"


that sucked. there was absolutely no control with the racing, the tennis only had 2 levels, the diving sucked, and on the donkey kong game when you first start out as funky kong on the one thing above the water the spiked balls seemed to stick out longer than the spikes.


Still needs some polishing. check the physics on the DK and diving ones, improve the diving one to include tricks (its really... mediocre) set down the turn sensitivity on 50 mph races, fix the idle in aircycle for DK (it does the walking cycle) and add some checkpoints in DK and tennis. tennis could us somebug testing and swimming was too easy (add some sort of desperation factor for the guy who must be running out of air to increase difficulty, and perhaps some obstacles in the tunnel). These are just some general polishings you shoud consider. also, platformer+water=SWIM!!!!

If any of you are too retarded to unlock the races, the passwords are PIE and SUN, must be in all caps.

Wow :D

I really enjoyed that, great way to blow a couple minuets

Nothing that hasn't been done before

But still a pretty fun little collection of mini games. Good to waste a few minutes on.


The only thing wrong is you cant play Multiplayer mode lol.