Reviews for "Love"


I am rendered speechless by that amazingly good piece of shite someone made while pissed, I love it.

I liked it!! who is that song by? shibeeeeeeeee!

that was a really creative ( and true ) work I liked it!! make more like that!

Good Movie

there's a cool style to this movie, and it shows how much it hurts to get screwed over in love, but then how good it feels to get revenge in the end =)


You have pictured what many people, if not most, go through. Some get lucky and get the girl but guys like us dont get that special girl we really like. The graphics were simple but had a unique style, sound effects might kill the movie because the music gives it much more sentiment. Anybody should try listening to this video with no volume. while it is still apparent what is happening without the song the movie loses something. I actually love this song because girls have always tripped on me but i've really figured out that those who only hurt you like that are not worth it. They are in deed bitches. Dan Malo did you feel this before?

DanMalo responds:


We can all relate to this...

great movie, man. fucking amazing...