Reviews for "Love"

So true

This reminds me of my Ex. I gave her my heart, and then some, and then she just suddenly says she wants to break up with me and throws it away. Very well made little movie with a lot of true emotion behind it.


but it sounds like it came from a personal experience. I find the music very apt. Good job.

Hah! She got what was coming to her



If a guy gave me a kitty I'd totally go for him. ^_^ I'm glad he finally got rid of that girl. That little dude deserved better o.O

Was very awesome flash, by tha way.

I love this flash

This just goes to show how much a guy can like a girl, and no matter how much he likes her.. no matter how much he has to offer her, there will always be a time where she'll just fuck you over. But that bitch gets what should have came to her sooner than it did. Awsome work. Expecting more soon