Reviews for "Love"

I love you man......

This Flash was wicked cool, true story i am thinking, If it was done anyother way it would have blowed, but because of the coolness of the graphics it totally rocked!!

it happen to me

i wish i seen it befor but nm my love is gone. so what life goes on

And yet another great movie.

This truly is the story of my life. For you see, i'm having this same problem with a girl at the moment. I would like to personally thank you for making this movie. It touches me deeply.

And could you please reply to this review and give me the title to that song?

I love you!!!

Smile and be happy for i love you yes i love you....but i cant marry you...how depressing. Hey were you on duty were you work on holloween or some were close to that time? Have you seen a short kinda guy with a sort of tuby brown haired woman? Well that's my mother and father. Yes it is terrible. I hate being young.

it was pretty

i really like this video, the song makes it so much better too.