Reviews for "Love"

hmmm, i saw the luxor one, too!

Holy crapper, Dan! You're cool! I love this short!!! I know you've told me to watch these a long time ago (thats when i was still deployed in Iraq), but i was going through my email and i forgot that i emailed myself the link fo your site and here i am now enjoying your films bro! That boy, Ready, sure reminds me of someone you def. know! Hehe...anyway, keep on doing whta ure doing bro...i'm sure ure doing reall great! Love the graphics on this movie...it fits it...and nice music too! Anyway...talk to you later! I'm out! Once again..GREAT JOB!!!

The Idea was ART!

Great work DAN! I dont usually bother writing up reviews, coem to think of it this is my first and i just had to write up one for you submission.. even though this is a few years old, i can always look back to this when ever i need that momment..! Dont listen to what stupid arrogant 12 year olds say about this work!.. Your IDEA for this one was an ART!! *9! keep it up


This is awesome one of my favorites!


yo fu*k the other guy i loved your work dont take shit from him keep up what your doing i always watch this when im in a bad mood it always cheers me up :-) thanks...

ummmmm...that song kills it

that song hypnotized me dood.......i couldn't enjoy the flash because that song was kinda boring or something.......dam.....i didn't even watch the entire thing cuz of that damn song.......i didn't like this flash.....sry...