Reviews for "Love"

wow nice.

i wish i could be like u....to be able to make a quality, front-page submission with a mediocre idea and poor-to-none knowledge of flash animating. its amazing. im not saying u dont have talent, god knows. im saying u were able to make this beautifle peice of art and keep it simple. i just dont have this abilety. (sniff sniff) goodbye my brother, my captain, my...(sniff) king.

k maybe i went a bit overboard. srry still it was good.


what was the song it was really good.

she deserved that terribly

First she drops his flower
Then she drops a kitty what kind of person is she!!!!!! and on the head!!!!!! .evil. PURE EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
then she drops his heart thats wrong man.
any way good flash


Nicely done.
The graphics were decent, and the story line was pretty sad.
The boy tried his best to make the girl like him, He end's up giving her plenty of gifts, Yet she still didn't accept him.
To be honest, I actually wanted to see that boy smile.
What I found pretty funny was when the 'Sun' decided to throw a car at the girl and her boyfriend, She obviously didn't know what she was missing... Personally, I thought the song fitted that flash!
DanMalo, Keep up the good work.

I wish the sun could have helped me...

I've been there. Exact situation...except for the heart pulling, and car dropping I mean.. Oh well, When she doesnt know what she's missing, it wont hurt her. heh..