Reviews for "Love"

((( IT WAS CUTE )))

It was a cute yet simple flash, had some nice flowing music to it which was cool, i wished there was some backrounds besides the blank ones, and some more color would have been nice aswell, but overall it was ok, i liked it...

Some color, some sorta backdrop with color and stuff...

A simple little flash very cute like and funny to the end...


the simple ones are usually the best.

Very good cartoon. Real twist ending; don't want to spoil it.

Keep up the nice work, man.


Nice ending. I wish my sun did that. =[

That was great...

Keep up the good work. These selfish bitches need to get what they deserve...a tire upside their heads!

Smile for the bad v-dayers

Haha.I love it.It really gave me a smile.It probably did to the rest of us that had a bad valentines day.
I don't know about anyone else but I really enjoy the simpler flashes.