Reviews for "Love"

Sorry, it wasnt very good...

The graphics were unpleasing the song was also quite annoying. The story was cheap. I hope you can do better next time :) Ill be waitin!


Beautyful just beautyful thats life he gave his heart and she just threw it away the bitch deserved it...almost made me cry...

Too true

I've seen that happen way too meny times apart from the car bit.
Nice one

By iamspecial

Umm, that was boring. That guy really can't take rejection, can he?


OKAY, ANY FLASH THAT THROWS CARS AT A GIRL WHO REJECTED YOU FOR SOMEONE ELSE IS GREAT. I wish i would do that. I feel encouraged to get revenge on all those girls who turned me down for some guy just because he's more popular or cooler or richer or whatever. Is this like a tribute to people like me.