Reviews for "Love"

yea good ending!

haha animation was so so but hey good plot n ending!


I like this flash. And for all you wondering, THE SONG IS CALLED SUCKED OUT. THE BAND IS CALLED SUPERDRAG. Okay.

this happend whe you ar a mother f..... sorry

an y

nice one!

it's pretty good, i like the whole idea
and the twist at the end =)
and yes, who's that song by?

goddamn idiots, DAMN GOOD SHOW

wow, this is sweet, i dont understand why people are being such assholes when the simplicity of the animation adds to the affect of the song. let me explain to all you dumbasses, the guy wants the girl so he gets her a flower? see, simple things someone would go, then he gets her a bigger present, still something simple someone would do to get a girl, etc. So yeah good all around, i understand the whole concept. AND WHO IS THAT SONG BY???????