Reviews for "Love"

Good start, bad ending

I was kinda moved by the movie at the begining. The guy so SEEMED to love her. Even gave her his heart. I was hoping for a good ending like the girl finding the was him that he likes or him finding another girl that liked him or so. But then the sun drops a car (WTH???) upon the happy couple and he smiles???? Perhaps he didnt like her anyway. It was just a big lie. I had these kinda moments too when a girl ditched me for another. But never I felt she deserved to die...
Anyway, good music and excelent style. Keep on the good work but better improve the ideas.

Haven't we all been there?

I must say this is better than the "Asylum" shit. This is touching. This is moving. This is an exact replica of every real-life love story I have ever been involved in. I guess that's why I don't believe in love. But whatever. It was good, except the violence could have been more like the good old ULTRA-violence.

hehehe.. that was great...

somehobo.. i really can't belive how idiotically shallow you are.... Some people in this world just... hehe... it makes me laugh at how stupid you are....

Well, I liked that movie, it was great.... she deserved to die.... hehe...


First of all, that was really gay, it looked like some kind of kid's show for 3 year olds. Secondly, why is the girl the bad guy in this? Maybe she had a boyfried, and she decided that she wants to be loyal to him, and so says to the constipated looking boy, but the boy just won't stop harrasing her, finally the girl has had enough, and what happens? BAM! dead, this flash sickens me, and if you like it you are a pussy and deserve a slow death.


This belongs to teletubbies on ice.