Reviews for "Love"


GoldEagle_2 either ur some chick or... your a fruitcake hahaha

really good until...

This flash reminded me so much of my life...i was crying cause i finally found something that expressed my emotions...but then when i saw the ending i screamed. i hated the ending, why couldn't it be a sad ending? you never see those anymore. Really good flash but the ending just ruined it...

one of the sweetest flash movies ever;)

Love is a hard emotion.But we can`t live without.I love this movie. I hope you make more,Love ALICE too.

great story

You wrote a nice story, along with great soundtrack, you always seem to make the music fit perfectly into your flash.

to Igrush

you took this movie way too seriously... you never want this to happen to the girl after she breaks your heart, but come on she definitely hurts you bad enough so you might want to say you wish she were dead.. you may not mean it but still..

you took this fuckin flash way too seriously and that pissed me off this guy deserves better than that hes a talented artist with awesome work