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Reviews for "Dreamland Blitz"


The fighting scene was really cool and fluidly animated.
The graphic style was also cool and the fight came to a interesting ending ;)

However you did miss out on some mayor kirby references like when kirby swallows someone the guy inside becomes a star to shoot out like yoshi does with the eggs ( only he throws em ) but you will still get my recomendation to kirby collection :D

Nose-army responds:

Yeah, I was thinking about using the star to come out, but I couldn't be bothered to draw it at that time! Thanx for the review.

wooww AWESOME!!!

dude u should make a game from this!! u own dis shit! nice anim n graphics :D pleeeeeaaseeeeee make a game!!!!!!!!


That was AMAZING! Drawing your own sprites was a good idea man. I really liked the fighting scene (way better than the battle that I made in kirby's mishaps), it was smoothly animated, entertaining, and hilarious at the end!
I really liked what you did in the ending, that was a bit predictable but still I LOL'ed nicely!
Conclussion: Awesome! :)

Voting details:
Voted 5: 4.22 / 5.00 (+ 0.0011) :)

Note: Glad that I helped :3
Note 2: Congratulations on your daily 2nd award! :D
Note 3: I recommended this for the kirby collection :)


Nose-army responds:

Thanx! Yah, I guess I was trying to make the credits longer. Thanx for the recommendation!


excelent draws and animation :)

Great 10/5

If I could give you 15 stars I would, but the limit is 10.
Anyway, I love kirby and this shows the power of kirby, hahahahaha.

Nice Flash! ^_^