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Reviews for "Today"

hey not bad

I like it. More attention to the animation would be cool, but other than that, it's pretty damn funny. You and your friend make a good team.

Great ending!

The end of that was rather unexpected. I found it quite amusing. =]

Sketchy at first....

I was a little worried at first because of the artwork, yet the animation was very good for something as simple as the drawings. You pulled off good animation and really made it work with the style of art that your friend did. Good job.

Short and Sweet

haha, it was pretty humorous. could've been a LITTLE longer though. And the volume was kinda low. Had to turn my speakers on full to hear it.

I like it

That was funny man, I wish it had been longer. Maybe the arrow to the boobs was a bit unnecessary, we all got that joke. Volume was a bit low, but you spoke the monologue very well. Keep it up!