Reviews for "Newgrounds Anthem"

That was tight!

Im a new user of Ng and only 11 but u just gave me an idea.Yo man maybe u can help me out with my beats. Email me at cortezrules@yahoo.com


this is sick homie

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Kick ass song dude, i like the use of the synth in the back of the trumpet sound... very pro! kickass song dude! me lobe this song*dont mind if i download*

feelin it

ay man im feelin this to da fullest lemme do a track ova it wit ur permission. holla at me son, keep killin'em, fuckin hatas!

Keep it UP!

Aye yall. Stop ratin my boys stuff down. Im sick and tired of all the lamers and haters on NG. If you cant match 'em, listen to it and learn from it and stop bein lame and ratin it down because you wanna be on top.

Thank you.

Props to Crazy

-dj dk