Reviews for "Newgrounds Anthem"

As decent as this is...

I don't think one genre can be used for a "newground anthem"

Since newgrounds is host to ALL genres, one genre in ITS anthem wont cut it. For Newgrounds to have a true anthem it will have to be ALL genres...

that's why no one should attempt it UNLESS it is a huge collab of a VERY large group of musicians from all genres.

still on the whole a nice hip hop side of a wanna be newgrounds anthem


MAYNE THIS MEAN EAR-GASM IS WHATS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its mean and is tottaly going in one of my movies (not a falsh tho) man i cant get over this song its pretty much the best evre


Pretty good beat, but lacked a bassline.

Oh and you sampled Greenday?


Bounce yo!


erm the shit or what?