Reviews for "Newgrounds Anthem"

Tha S***

I love BeAtBrEaKeR 187's s*** but this is ju's awesome I can rap but when i was rappin' to this I was doin' the best I ever did but it's a lil' weird that you used a sample from Boluvard Of Broken Dreams By Green Day at the beginning of the song yeah but I would'nt care if you used a sample from Avengend Sevenfold (and I hate them) this is awesome!

Great! And to clear up some things...

This beat is great and it's used in the Kings of Myspace. First of all this was made in 2/26/06. Teh Kings of Myspace came out on 9/11/06. This guy let/made this beat for PDFlo/Traphik (the two main guys in the Kings of Myspace). So overall 10 and I love it.


And you are too trying to prove your point lol. J/K, man, but this is a dope-ass track, yo. People are stupid. NG Audio Portal is a double-edged sword, because your shit is free to the public, but at the same time, you could do it big. Look at ParagonX9, she has all diamonds, and her stuff is used. she is a legend, but when people come here, they rate her shit down because some asshole lied and said that they created the music. nah but this is dope yo. keep yo shit up!!!!!!

nice :)

ya. that would be a good NG Anthem if we had a comerical or something. but it was catchy. nice job man next time you should do a rock one

this is one of the best songs on newgrounds....lol

like i said this song is one of the best on newgrounds.....its just awesome