Reviews for "Warp To World 69 Flash"

if you made this yourself

i have to say this is fucking genious :P only bit that was a little less entertaining was the part where the robot/doctor guy talks, but in total it was freakin awesome.

TheBigMansini responds:

Thanks Chees! the robot/doctor you speak of is actually an 8-Bit representation of my hArtist's avatar/character, Mansini, who strongly resembles "The Turkish DEE-Lite," Bald Bull from Mike Tyson's Punchout. :) As for the monotony of the speak and spell voice, I was just trying to stay as faithful to the original song as possible.

That was funny.

Really good stuff man. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

TheBigMansini responds:

Thanks a lot! :)


Epic...that is all.

Old Skool to the Max!

Like the Princess Nude Pics.

TheBigMansini responds:

thanks, that princess behind closed doors can be quite the sloot. ROFL


Awesome komik! the song is by Mike Jones...in case ppl care...and the only reason it was deleted from youtube is cuz there's nudity...unless u censored it...

TheBigMansini responds:

Naturally it was deleted for that reason. I didn't think to censor it because I could've SWORN YouTube had a legal-age disclaimer on some of it's videos and I thought I'd've been covered, but unfortunately nope... :|