Reviews for "Warp To World 69 Flash"

ol' skool

i've heard that song somewhere before, i just can't place my finger on it. but it was good. rather graphic, but funny.

TheBigMansini responds:

That song was made semi-famous via the intraslootz. As for being graphic, well yeah, that's what the adult rating is there for! LOL

Very funny

Did you do all the lyrics yourself man sum rather funny little lines in there lol

TheBigMansini responds:

As listed already in the comment, naw Benefit is the artist that put the song together... All the artwork was mine, and somma the snappy dialog :)


Epic...that is all.

Not much animation but...

I loved the song and I loved the artwork. I there anywhere I could download the song from ? I think it's really great !

Wow, I haven't heard that song in 8 years.

As soon as I saw the title I knew what lay ahead.
I was surprised to see a comic, but it worked better than an animation.
It really turned out nicely.

TheBigMansini responds:

Heheheh, thanks. Yeah it's been around the web for a bit, mostly on hArtists and HentaiFoundry. I had no intention of doing a flash, as I ain't got any skills in that medium yet. So I decided to compensate with my semi-decent cartooning skeelz! :D

Oh, and glad I could take ya down memory lane!