Reviews for "Warp To World 69 Flash"


your drawing skills are exceptional, I hope you make more of this type of stuff.

TheBigMansini responds:

Thanks Jack, I sure as hell hope to sometime in the near future... :)


Awesome komik! the song is by Mike Jones...in case ppl care...and the only reason it was deleted from youtube is cuz there's nudity...unless u censored it...

TheBigMansini responds:

Naturally it was deleted for that reason. I didn't think to censor it because I could've SWORN YouTube had a legal-age disclaimer on some of it's videos and I thought I'd've been covered, but unfortunately nope... :|


That was well written and funny.

Reminds me

I cant name it, but I've seen this style a loong time ago, its r8 gud for a first.

Old Skool to the Max!

Like the Princess Nude Pics.

TheBigMansini responds:

thanks, that princess behind closed doors can be quite the sloot. ROFL