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Reviews for "Tmnt: Rebel Theme"

hey what the fuck!

this animation has a score of 3.77 and only 10,000 views!!! I ask everyone here TO SEE THIS BECAUS IS THE MOST AWESOME PILE OF GREATNESS I HAVE SEEN.

the artwork is impressive and the characters are drawn all stupidish and I love it haha.

besides, how many theme songs in the world have NAKED POWER in them????

frekin awesome

that was halarious,, it woulda been funny even without having the rebel series exisit.

michalangelo is only partly nude, PARTLY!!!!!!!!!!!

love it!

really funny and really catchy but could ya mabey give us a replay button or mabey make the waring screen quicker?

don't be a hater

this shit is crunk...really good work...animation was really awesome and the music also ruled...big 10

Only partly nude!

Really good, though no suprise since swain was doing this!

Loved the fact that you sencored the statue!