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Reviews for "Tmnt: Rebel Theme"

Love it!

Cool song! I love it! XD


That was the worst theme song i ever heard! And the vid was lame too. Try better next time.


i love you. but in a totally hetorosexual way.

Nice parody....

.....of the classic TMNT theme, it took me back. I liked it , it was funny. But if your aim was to piss people off wit' dat' ([adult swim] style) loop at da' end, great job, cuz it worked on me. I know ya' made front page fa' da' parody and da' loop jus' adds iodized salt to da' wound. NICE PARODY, GOOD LOOP, GREAT IDEA...I think i'll be usin' dat to advertise my production, ty.


nice men greate flash cant stop laughing