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Reviews for "Tmnt: Rebel Theme"


I personally didn't see the humour in this. It to me seems like an immature spoof of an awesome classic.

Toonimated responds:

dude chill


havent seen the serise yet but wasnt that funny good animation

The best submission in days.

If screensavers could be music tracks looping continuously, I'd really want this one to be mine! I'll be adding this to my favorites. (TMNR rank really high on my to watch list) The only downpart is that there's so much to look for in the background and you hardly have time to check it out. But I guess correcting such things would really downgrade the result.
Heh, Michelangelo's only partly nude. roflol!!!!
Waiting for the next installment and hoping the randomness doesn't fade when more episodes come (it's the thing that all great series suffer from, eventually and unfortunately)


That sure was fun to watch. Why do you irritate us with the too long warning(although it was fun) and the end with no replay button? The art very much reminds me of Ren and Stimpy. I still remember TMHT where they always supplied Michelangelo with stuff like a sewer lid or such.
OH PLEEEEEEEASE add replay button or auto-loop for the song. :P


Raphael is cool but noob..... xD very cool animation