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Reviews for "Tmnt: Rebel Theme"

Very good!

this.. has been going trough my head for weeks now.. i thought id have to revieuw this to get rid of it..

and btw:
i lol every time i see him ripp ass and leonardo screams:D

Fantastic twist

I've loved your series since it's debut, and this intro couldn't describe the rebels any better. Funny twist on the original cartoon's intro theme, couldn't be better. Keep up the great work!

don't be a hater

this shit is crunk...really good work...animation was really awesome and the music also ruled...big 10

series is going downhill

theme music with some not so clever/funny lyrics...boxes covering nudity, ad nauseum. This series has definitely been getting weaker.

Return to the old days. I know I sound like a negative bastard and there are many who've already chimed in and like this one and all of your animations. I say, the earlier episodes were GOLD.

They were unique, with a quirky comic style that I couldn't fully fathom but hit me so hard I was literally on the floor laughing. My friends thought I was strange for watching it 5 times in a row and struggling to breath. Honestly, they didn't like it that much...they didn't get when Raph came in and his brothers ambushed him exposing why he didn't belong (his voice was British and "My Ears! It hurts! It FUCKING HURTS!" is a line I will remember for the rest of my life). The accents were stronger, and the dialogue was more random, but not for pure randomness sake. It was like...something so strange yet almost close to something we'd say if we were tired...shit...this is too long no one will read this and i will be hated on.

My Ears!!!


the swain your brilliant all your tmnt rebels are so funny blockheads brilliant to i have seen this 12 times ill try my hardist too make flashes as good as this but ill never be as good as you i mean i feel out of the chair when i watched this.