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Reviews for "Tmnt: Rebel Theme"

Hmmmmm Naked Power! XD hahaha!

~~==My Review on the Movie==~~
= Concept - TMNR
You have got to be a fan of the whole series in order to enjoy it. I am and i did enjoy it. XD nice change to the lyrics and nice work on putting it together. XP i like the animation change as well. Good work, XD Rhapeal is the only one with a shell.
==Any Improvements - Animation
Nice new animation style. It was great for this short musical, this would make a good intro to each of the episodes. Nice job on the colors also.

Clear enough to be heard. All i got to say is that your version of the TMNT intro is much funnier the original. I loled when i viewd.
Good work, yet the toy walker at the end sorta got a bit annoying. Maybe also you could of put a replay button.

Rank =08/10
Score =4.00/5.00
:] Great :]
~Shadow Dinosaur ~
{the prehistoric Predator}

Good One

lol I enjoyed that, very fitting.


not bad at all, was worth a good giggle


Seriusli that was so cool and even i fell from my chair laguthing til die ajjajajajjajajajajajjajajajjajajaa xD if you can make a serie :3


its was funny