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Reviews for "Tmnt: Rebel Theme"

Hillarious !

Hahaha aweseome video like always these turtules always make me laugh !
By the way , what was that thing on the end ?? I mean that strange plastic toy with scorpions legs and sort of a he man in it's interior...


Everything is just fine,keep going! (only the end that is a bit bad)

Hahaha nice job!

People who are hitting on this are just little kids who never got to experience the old TMNT, so they can't get much out of it.

I love the twist you take with this series, and this flash was just amusing as hell. :)


man that is really bad. yeah it was rather funny in some places but i didnt like the animation and the theme tune sounded like excrement.


I ususally try to write much better reviews than just "lol," but this really calls for it!


When I voted on this while it was under submission last night, I had a feeling it would make front page. Congratulations.