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Reviews for "Tmnt: Rebel Theme"

Nice theme!

And that's a fact, jack!
I felt that this goes along with your series quite nicely.
My only gripe is that it almost felt a little too much like the original theme song (but only partly... PAARRRTTTLLY!)


nada necio la ultima parte XD estuvo muy random


That was cute and enjoyable...though I didn't really laugh at it all that much. But the animation was well done, the audio was clear and at a nice volume.

And Tanooki-John, dude try not to take it so seriously...its meant to be funny. He's not trying to trash the show...grow a sense of humor.

lol nice

i remember when i was really young i used to watch TMNT ll the time but now its more like the people who make new episodes just milk the tv series


The song thing worked out really well and the quality was great! I didn't find it that funny but the animation was good.

btw Donatello IS a machine! haha