Reviews for "Lost in Moonlight"

Love it

can you please upload the original too

SoS responds:

Unfortunately the original is unavailable for public download. Thanks for the review!

Beautiful and almost haunting

It really touches my soul deep down

Very beautiful.

@ceder, i signed up onto this site once i saw your review just to post this. Have you ever listened to music??

I thought this piece was very beautiful. The singing adds that epicness effect

SoS responds:

Thank you djk164 :). I'm glad you enjoyed the music. Thanks again for the review!

Soothing, absolutly beautiful.

It's this piece here that I feel very much at peace, one that I feel as I sit on the top of my roof at night watching the moon. As said before this is the highlight of the night. When I listen to this piece I feel as if the moon listens with me, calling much to a similar way as what happened in moonlight difference, It is a very beautiful creation you have presented here.


Many a night have I stayed up late crying to this beautifully crafted masterpiece. Is there any chance that the original version of this song is still available?