Reviews for "Lost in Moonlight"

It's overrated

I don't like it, I can't tell why but I just don't like it... there are so many songs with the same style which are good, even better and I don't understand why people think that this is awesome... actually after hearing this through this game moonlight difference, I get sick of it... I took of my headphones and write this review...
I personaly love classic, but I hate this song...

SoS responds:

meh, we can't please everybody. To each their own :).

Maybe next time.

Spiffing, chap!

This reminds me of the splendid music from "The Witcher 2".

Well done!

Pure epicness

It reminds me of Silent Hill...


This song has seen too much attention as far as I'm concerned. There are much more interesting pieces scattered all across the audio portal.

That being said, I'm not a fan of the proverbial "classical" music. I'm trained in it, but I hate it; it's corny. It's style was developed over four-hundred years ago, for the western-European culture of that time. I feel my piano, I feel my music, I feel nothing when I listen to this. I feel a lack of anything at all. Perhaps that's the point. If it is, I regret rating this a 9/10 and not giving it an official NG "vote" at all. It is a stifling of this artists ability, that much seems apparent to me, and that is the reason I refuse to rate it accordant to the 0-5 scale.

That being said, quit whoring yourself out. Write something that means something to you, and if you have, I will find it, and I will praise you for it. This, however, this...this is a job. I can tell. You get 9/10 and I will not attempt to affect your official rating,

SoS responds:

I wouldn't consider this classical at all. It's not. Other then the fact it uses organic sounds only it doesn't really sit with anything in that era. However it was the closest thing I could find in the genre list.

Where it lands on the charts is out of my control. The people voted and got it where it is and while I would agree that I didn't think it would get this much attention I am in no position to be telling people how they feel about it.

I'm thankful and grateful it got this far though.

I'm sorry to hear you felt nothing from the piece. We can never create the perfect song and can't aim to please everybody. Maybe next time :).

Take care.

pure beauty

got a warm fuzzy feeling inside