Reviews for "Lost in Moonlight"


This is absolutely astonishing, amazing work!

"lost in moonlight"

is this really your voice in the background? u have a really nice voice!

SoS responds:

This is not my voice, but it is indeed an incredible voice. Thank you for the review and i'm glad you enjoyed the track :)

Feeling of Sorrow

I get this feeling of Sorrow and Determination. This is a beautiful track. Now for some strange reason it evokes hatred from me...

SoS responds:

Perhaps the dramatic nature of the track opens up an image of being wronged. Family being slain, turmoil and suffering which brings out unbridled hatred with enough exposure.

Thanks for the review! Glad you enjoyed the track :)


So I get this is supposed to be "classical", but I don't feel it. I don't really feel anything. It's not a bad song, don't get me wrong, but I just don't feel emotion coming across through this. To me, this is nothing but average, through and through. There is potential here though, I'll give it that. 4/10

SoS responds:

not everybody will react to the piece. Some will find something to hold onto, others will not. Sorry to hear you didn't like it but that's not something I can do anything about.

Also it's not really "classical" by any stretch of the imagination. It's merely the closest thing I could find on the list.

Maybe next time :).

Really good

i liked it
its really good

oh and the person on the bottom of me,
You just made everyone hate you.