Reviews for "Lost in Moonlight"


what a piep!


it is very nice song

SoS responds:

Thank you!

Very Nice! Elegant. Iconic even.

I am a n00b, this is my first review, I would like to post some of my music here and if this is an example of how high the bar is set I can see I have my work cut out for me. I likes me some moody dramatic music. Here's what it evokes in me:

I'm tired. My horse is tired. My once fine raiment is torn and grimy. My lance is heavy. The road is dusty and I have miles to go. But I am a hero. Stopping is not an option.

SoS responds:

A bitter image. The hero's efforts invisible to the common man. Only during their action are they really acknowledged. Stopping is never an option. At least not until you've been stopped.

Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed the track! I'm certain in time you will be able to produce just as good, if not better, material then this :)

i love it nice

I love what you did, you should try to let movie maker some song , im sure that can make a nice movie song. realy great job on this one. your good in doing classic song kip up the good work.


This is a beautiful piece. I can fell a lot of emotion from this, great work :)