Reviews for "Lost in Moonlight"


...heard this in the Moonlight difference game, which was amazing but this, extended song is just a piece of artwork to behold! Thank you for doing this, I sit in relaxation as I listen to this with my windows open, its night and the crickets, grasshoppers and other creatures are all singing their nightly tunes..it adds to this beautifully..


this is what i picture from this song...I walk out on a warm cloudless night and lay on the moist grass as i gaze at the star lit sky and listen to the crickets chirp the calm sound of wind blowing next to my ears and close my eyes to wake up to a dream...I cant really describe this any other way..... but i hope you can understand this :D


It truly outlines the beauty of the night. pure bliss.

A masterpiece...

Makes me feel like going out at midnight and gazing at the moon for hours.
Had a soothing mysterious feeling to it.
A masterpiece indeed.

Very beautiful.

@ceder, i signed up onto this site once i saw your review just to post this. Have you ever listened to music??

I thought this piece was very beautiful. The singing adds that epicness effect

SoS responds:

Thank you djk164 :). I'm glad you enjoyed the music. Thanks again for the review!