Reviews for "Lost in Moonlight"

Good effort

Has everyone else bled out their ears that they can't hear this song properly? That annoying ring in the background destroyed the piece entirely.

The flute melody sucked. Zero build-up, zero emotion. Good effort throwing a bunch of sounds together though.

SoS responds:

unfortunate you could not enjoy it. We can't please everybody nor do we aim to. Sorry to hear you didn't like it. Maybe next time :)


Beautiful! Just Beautiful! I'm getting goosebumps just listening to it!

Beautiful but can be even more so. :)

I like it. I love that you build the piece up, adding more and more layers and tension, throughout the whole thing. I almost wish there was this growing tension through the entire piece. It felt like that halfway through, you dropped into a much lower place and it lost that edge. Argh, I actually feel like I'm not explaining this in a very good way, though. Haha.

With all that said, this song is perfect for a flash movie. Your looping is excellent, quite honestly the best I've ever seen on this site. I'm just giving you a suggestion on how to make it even more wonderful. :)


Well I did find pleasure in hearing this as it felt like you were having a dream of some kind where someone came and helped you get on your feet and took you away from the pains and sorrow of the world so that you can try to find happiness in yourself and then in times others. Very calming and story weaving piece of work I think, I liked it a lot.

The chorus give a feel of some ambient happiness I think and the high female vocal was also very nice too I think. The violins give a feel of great pleasure and calm here. The piano sounds really smooth while the tune is being played here as well. The bass line is very light and gives a feel of the person being able to calm down a bit as well while looking for answers to their own life.

Overall, beautifully composed piece.


Thats awesome, keep up the good work... (: