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Reviews for "Pudding."

my favorite

i put this shit on loop and can listen a million times.
at first i thought the chipmunk sounding melody was gonna be too much.. but its schweet. definitely downloadededed,



i must know. what program do you use to make these beats

joshlul responds:

Fl studio 10.
Plugins used:
Nexus 2 (Only for the dance drum singles)
Fruity Slicer
Zeta+ (Dr Fresh preset, only preset I used for the entire song)
Dblue Glitch
Sugar Bytes WOW
Fruity Flanger
Fruity Fast LP to cut the high end
Fruity Reeverb 2
Izotope Ozone 4.
There's probably more but, yeah.


Great Song! Great Choice of Name too... I love me some Pudding (but which pudding am I talking about? The Song or The Food?)

joshlul responds:

Lol, both hopefully!
Thanks c:


really cool mate.. sounds like you're a pro at whatever software you use for this.. awesome job mate

joshlul responds:

Actually I've never even touched a DAW before 8 months ago.
But thanks, it means a lot.


It makes me wanna dance! I also like retro like music on remixes!

joshlul responds:

Awesome, thanks!
This isn't a remix, though, it's completely original.