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Reviews for "LL08-Quince Shorts!(pt 1)"

Swell Stuff

I take it the movie ran alot faster when you were making it cuz sometimes when you submit it the frame rate reduces for some reason. It did that to my previous flashes when I was using IE. So I switched to Firefox it's a hell of alot better.

Happy Lockday btw :)


nice one bet you got ALOT of shit from clocklock about that

Happy lockday!

Hey Quince. Your art was great, however your animation and story could use some work. Keep practicing

totghelyr responds:

Hey Shark!

Glad you liked the art! and yeah, I sux at making up jokes and animating, but working on those!

thanks for reviewing, and a happy Lock Day!

<3 Quince

I give a 5/5 for style!

i like it, but jokes was kinda dorky lol, but ya it was alright

lol your probbably a shemale

as are all girls on the internet
I loved how clocklock popped up when he said that
good job man
happy banday