Reviews for "Tails And Amy XXX"


Its good, short and straight to the point. Jizz noise was argueably comical.

good but...

it had a great concept and the animation was fairly good... but it was to short you tole some sounds, it needed music, needed voice affects.
Other than that a perfectly good furry fan tribute flash.

Splendid Craftsmanship

A must see for all Sonic the Hedgehog fans. The sounds were especially well done. They gave the piece just the right "squishy" feel lacking in other sonic films. At other times they reminded me of automobile noises - something quite unexpected in the genre. The lack of color made it reminiscent of old film noir pieces of days gone by.

A must see for the whole family - regardless of any disclaimers that may be posted. An important, hand-crafted, sprite-free Sonic piece for our time.

Sorry, no...

I found this to have no point, or any redeeming quality to it.

At least try to make the action last longer than 8 seconds.


i dont understand how this got through. mu one was much better but noo that got blammed because the audio was to quiet or too loud or what ever.. this really needs extending and basicly more action.