Reviews for "A Comparison"


Funny! Make more!

it was funny but,

i dissagreed on many thing:
-the wii remoteis not easy to let go of, even without the new jacket accessories, and when you do let go, that's what the strap is for.
-the 360 controller being wireless isnt really a good thing at all, it would be just as good with wires, but it wont ever lose sync.
-the ps3 is multiple more times powerful then the 360 and wii put together. it has the best from all worlds, and it plays blueray, not dvds. also, noone would ever give a ps3 away for free, its a luxory!

flashbound responds:

the wii controllers being easy to let go of gag was based off of a real news article about such happenings made shortly after the wiis release. actually, if you buy the console nowadays the strap is different from the wii controllers that came with older consoles, to solve the problem of them breaking when the controller was swung, and flying through the brand new HD tvs their owners bought to play the Wii on

everyone loves wireless controllers, and it IS a pain when they die on you. you avoid the loss of sync with wired controllers, but lose the freedom

I would agree with your opinions about the PS3s graphics, but during the time I was piecing together the jokes for this flash, the PS3 only really had a handful of games that even used its amazing graphics power, and I played off multiple opinions that were basically 'I would only buy it for the blue ray DVD player function, its a DVD player you can play games on' (instead of the other way around)

anyway, thankyou for the Review, you made some good points!

Nice comparison.

I haven't played the Wii yet (much to my dismay), but I think you forgot something about the 360: It breaks down often. I just got the Red Ring of Death and I only had that 360 for about a year and a half. Now I know I play alot of games (and I mean a LOT of games), but it usually takes 2 years at least for one of my systems to break down (not counting the times I accidentally broke my handheld systems...).

Anyways, that was an awesome flash, though I agree with you when you say that the PS3 is just a DVD/Blu-Ray player right now (though I still wish they were giving them out for free).

flashbound responds:

thanks for the review!

Im not gonna say it but..

Told you it would do good.

im so...

sorry and i didnt want to be the one to start wats gonna start after this but...... in my opinion the ps3 is the best.