Reviews for "A Comparison"

TV's are expensive too.

Excellent movie, l lmao'd at the bowling and target practice parts.
However, Wii-motes are almost just as expensive as 360 controllers, and as you mentioned, they are very, very easy to throw. And TV's are expensive as well.

Oh, and you reffered your bunny-ish demenstrators as Rabbits, but they look alot like the Rabbids (bb, not tt) from the recent Rayman games. Maybe its just me. ;)

flashbound responds:

a lot of people have told me about the rabbits'es likeness to the ones from Rayman.. I admit I unknowingly modeled them based off the Rayman ones because I had seen the Game cover at Best Buy maybe a few weeks before I started the flash!

yes, Wii motes are pricy too, but I didnt want to double up points

thanks for the review!

Nice comparison.

I haven't played the Wii yet (much to my dismay), but I think you forgot something about the 360: It breaks down often. I just got the Red Ring of Death and I only had that 360 for about a year and a half. Now I know I play alot of games (and I mean a LOT of games), but it usually takes 2 years at least for one of my systems to break down (not counting the times I accidentally broke my handheld systems...).

Anyways, that was an awesome flash, though I agree with you when you say that the PS3 is just a DVD/Blu-Ray player right now (though I still wish they were giving them out for free).

flashbound responds:

thanks for the review!


Pretty nice animation you have going there. Even if it was with the rabbits, you actually pulled your weight and animated it around, unlike a bunch of handfull of other flashes out there. While you managed to touch a topic that manages to start a flame war on nearly every form on the internet, you managed to keep it humorous, with those silly childish jokes we all love on the inside. Overall, nice animation, good humour, and a nice style. Great work.

flashbound responds:

honestly you opened my eyes, I forgot about the possibility of a flame war. anyway, thanks for the comments!


I never veiwed the PS3 and the wii like that, thanks for the imaginative tips.

Anyways, the Humor had me sn****ring all the way through, as a Nintendo gamer myself, I generally got the humor of the Wii... and lol at the end... "It's only a DVD player" Most companies forget, IT IS A GAMES MACHINE!!!

10/10 for originality, 9/10 for humor. a great 100/10 for the graphics, I will never veiw the games market in the same way.

flashbound responds:

thanks alot!


Beautiful work... as far as room for improvement goes, I think you're just going to keep getting better as you continue working... naturally... nature taking it's course... and all that. Thanks for the giggles.

flashbound responds:

thank you very much