Reviews for "A Comparison"


very informative
i wish they were handing out PS3's
at best buy

Liked it

W00t Wii > 360. other than you picking the right one. it was very nice animation. and most of the information was completely true. next time make it a 3 way comparison with Wii, 360, PS3 ;)

ha funny

i do have a 360 and i have played a wii(hope to get one soon) and i think they are both awsome systems in there own right.the comparisons where pretty spot on.if i had to choose al over agin i would probaly get a wii.even if wiis are non existent up in the store here.


Everything was great, did a good job of haveing the comparison be funny and not really what one is better. Now just to wait to hear from the die hard PS3 fans. They sure are defensive about their DVD player.


YAY BUNNYS ps3 deserved a bigger role... like.... MUSIC AND DVD player