Reviews for "Neon Impossible Skate Vid"


wow thats really good i love that kind of animation awsome

Insanimation responds:

thanks, i too love that type of animation, and the best thing, its also the easiest!

Needs a lot of work

But good start.
Do something with this
And make it longer.

Insanimation responds:

thanks, i know it needs to be made longer, which is what i intend to do...


It's a good start for an animation, but it serves no real point in quality.
Practice more, and use the "fill" tool to make the inside of something more, colorful. Unless, of course, you were doing it on purpess.

Insanimation responds:

we were doing the scribble effect on purpose, but thanks for the suggestions...


That reminds me a lot of an animation I made long ago, it was the same techninque you're using. good animation dudes!

Insanimation responds:

thanks very much....


to short and the seenery is aways moving

Insanimation responds:

its too short, i know that, and the moving scenery is part of the effect...