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Reviews for "Grid Line"

Pretty Damn Great!

i really liked the game
it was challenging
i like the variation on music
and different difficulties
i'm looking foward to your next games

Great game, but has some bugs

I liked this game, it was challenging and the music kept you from getting bored. There were a couple problems however... First, I noticed the "Par Time" was mostly inacurate, either it was set much too short or much too high. Only on a couple levels did I feel the par was accurate enough. Second, I completed the game on medium and I got the message "Congratulations, you beat the game on Easy."

chad-duncan responds:

Thanks, I didn't notice those glitches. I'll try to make sure they are fixed.

good game

A good concept,I don't feel like playing for too long, but once I got it I quite enjoyed it. Well done.

chad-duncan responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

Not bad

This was a pretty original, I'll say that. There were also some pretty challenging, good puzzles in there. The color scheme hurt my eyes a little, but that's a minor complaint. I mean, it's not incredible, but it is good. Nice job.

chad-duncan responds:


Nice Puzzle.

My brain got a workout from this, good job.

chad-duncan responds:

Good! I thought that it might not be enough of a challenge, but it's only easy for me because I made the game.